Bought the smallest legged jeans I could find and they’re still too big )’:

the struggle is real

The worlds most epic receipt.

Baby 😘

Starbucks with my sisters weird neck

The year before I was born, my nan had a series of strokes and heart attacks, and when she was well enough to leave the hospital, she was given a couple of years to live.
She lived for another 24 years, outlived my grandad and reached 70. She would’ve been 71 next week.

My nan was the strongest woman I’ve ever met, she survived so much and did it with such dignity and grace that I hope that I’m even a quarter of the woman she was. She was kind, understanding and incredibly intelligent. She was brilliant, and I’m really going to miss her.


Today is the worst day


I’m so confused about Lily Rabe being Lyme in Mockingjay Part 1 and Gwendoline Christie being Lyme in Part 2. 
Gwendoline is so much more Lyme than Lily as well. 
I’m just confused. 
Everything is so confusing. 
Are they actually going to do that or are they going to refilm all the parts with Lily in? 
What is happening.

mine came yesterday, had to spend 1200 on rent it was horrid

my rent is £65. 
my loan is £2400 and something

money mad.

2 days until loan

tomorrow will be one of the worst days of my life

but then i can get myself an xbox one and some new jeans.

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not being cuddled currently which is weird, unideal, bad 

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I showed my mum damn you autocorrect and she’s in hysterics